Day: 26 June 2022

Payeda invites SMEs in UK

Payeda invites SMEs in UK to be part of its platform to take their business online with Payeda’s UNIQUE platform


Payeda, a new financial platform for businesses started to invite SMEs in UK to take their businesses online with the motto of  “OPEN BUSINESS through Payeda Unique platform”.


As Open Banking platform opens the financial data of businesses to the third party apps with the consent of businesses, Payeda creates an “OPEN BUSINESS” concept through inviting customers and suppliers of the businesses to its platform which opens the sales invoices to the customers for receiving payments and purchase invoices to businesses for making payments in one place; PAYEDA.

Businesses can connect their ERP Cloud ( Xero, etc..) to Payeda and open their business to the others, their financial network. Every business has a place in PAYEDA whichever ERP they use or can able to create manual invoices for their business in Payeda.

Businesses now has a meeting point for exchanging their invoices, making & receiving payments through Open Banking; account-to-account instant payments in seconds, and every payment instantly synchronised in ERP cloud. With Open banking, there is no chargeback issue, instant refund available and payments made in seconds.


For the SMEs in UK, it’s time to OPEN BUSINESS through Payeda to their current financial network and the potential customers.