How Payeda Works?

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Creating Payeda Account
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Connect your bank account to payeda
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Upload your Unpaid Invoices
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Send payment link to the customers
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receive payments via open banking

Upload Your Unpaid Invoices and Start Receiving Payeda Payments .

Payment Services

Make & Receive Payments with Payment link or QR .

Factoring Services

Request Invoice Financing and Increase your Cash Flow Now .

Bank Account Aggregation

Connect different bank accounts & View All as One .


Few Reasons

Why Choose Us

In seconds, connect your bank account to Payeda for setup "BUSINESS MERCHANT ACCOUNT" as a sole trader or SME.
Easily connect your ERP (Xero & the others) to Payeda for uploading unlimited invoices & the customers. If needed, request FACTORING for selected invoices or ALL SALES LEDGER.
In one click, send a QR code or payment link and invoice reminder to all your customers.
In seconds, via OPEN BANKING receive payments in a SECURE and fast way at LOW TRANSACTION FEE, no high fraud and no chargeback. Learn More
Time Matters For Everyone...
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