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Payedafor SME’s

Payeda is a 'Market Place' connecting Suppliers & Customers in the same place for their unique experience.

Suppliers can both receive and make payments from/to their customers in one place by using open banking with Payeda.

Payeda provides any business Internet Payment Channel through only ONE BANK ACCOUNT. Without POS, without credit cards, only one bank account, and one Payeda account takes your business ONLINE.

* Payeda is registered in the UK and FCA approved, connecting with 32 banks.

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Payeda vsLegacy

1.Create a “Business Merchant Account” as a “Receive Payment Account” in a very short time comparing to other traditional methods.

2.No need Virtual POS, No need physical POS, No need Credit Cards, receiving payments and making payments via Payeda Open Banking.

3.ALL in ONE, connecting different bank accounts to the same place; Payeda, to see the balances, to get the statements and making transfers and invoice payments from the account which has an available balance.

4.Zero Chargeback, Instant Refund and Very low transaction fee comparing to Credit Card & other Payments.

5. Create your own invoices using Payeda environment. And start receiving payments using payment links, e-mail or qr-code. 

6.View & making payment for all suppliers’ invoices in the same place; Payeda, without long searching efforts through the incoming mails in your Mailbox.

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Why Payeda?

Payeda is young and passionate start up Fintech company. Concurrently addressing problems for:

1- SMEs in invoicing and collecting payments from their customers.
2- SMEs in collecting invoices and making payments to the suppliers.

Management of piles of invoices is burdensome, complex and time consuming not only for SMEs but also for their customers and suppliers.

With Payeda those problems are a thing of the past!

SMEs easily create their invoices using Payeda, enable their customers to make timely payments. It also empowers customers to keep track of their current and past invoices. So Payeda is not only a new payment channel for SMEs, also helps their customers with the complex process of invoice management.

 Customers using Payeda will have a quick access to all their
outstanding invoices from a particular SME on a single dashboard instead of struggling to keep track of
their past due invoices searching through their mailbox.

This also applies to SMEs when it comes to managing and paying their invoices from their suppliers!

What is more, availability of past invoices and payment history on a single dashboard would allow data reporting and analysis for estimating future revenues and making better-informed strategic decisions.