Payment Services

PAYEDA Payment Services

Making & Receiving Payment

Upload your unpaid invoices to Payeda. Send an invitation code to your customers to become a member. Let your customer see, examine and pay instantly. Collect payments & make payments over OPEN BANKING anytime, anywhere, without physical or virtual POS.

Compare Receiving Payments in PAYEDA
with Others

Your business can save up to £19,910.00!


Let's assume that you have 100 unpaid invoices, each one averaging £10,000.00 in total £1,000,000.00.

To receive payments from the customers in PAYEDA for all sales ledger, you just pay £90.00 for the Standard Business Package.

Where; Other Card Companies Transaction Fee is approx. %2, so You Pay the Others £20,000.00 for receiving the same amount.

You Pay PAYEDA Only £90.00 whereas you Pay Card Company £20,000.00.