Problem: High Fraud, High chargeback, Low payment conversion

Our Solution:


  • Simply turn more shoppers into buyers in your side.
  • Stop loosing a sale because of the friction at the checkout.
  • Through instant bank payments, customers pay in a few clicks with no spending limits or manual data entry.
  • Your own branded checkout flow.


  • Your customers get refunds fast and simple.
  • Give your customers what they want.
  • Customer's money back will be back in seconds, not in days.

All you need to integrate your E-commerce suite with PAYEDA. 

All you need to integrate your E-commerce suite with PAYEDA. 

PAYEDA Ecommerce 2

Create the ultimate checkout experience

Delight your users, optimise processes and drive more value from every single transaction.

Reduce your cost

  • Goodbye to credit card and interchange fee.
  • Use open banking to reduce cost by up to 80% plus vs cards.

Combating fraud

  • Authentication user accounts and payments directly with their bank.
  • Prevent chargebacks and fraud!
  • Saving your business 0.5% - 1% of your revenue.

Boosting conversion

  • Removing long forms and the need for entering card details.
  • Enabling users to pay in a few clicks using a fingerprints/face ID.

Bank grade secure system

  • Payeda open banking and PSD2 compliant across UK.
  • Be sure to secure access to the financial system.

Sidestep the SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) headache

  • Open banking payments were built to comply with PSD2 and SCA (Strong Customer Authentication).
  • Open Banking payments convert up to 40% higher than other methods.

Create the ultimate checkout experience