Payeda Partner Programme


Payeda Partner Programme

 Payeda is a platform that allows you to receive and make payments for bulk invoices with a click of a button. You can create a seamless payment process with an Open Banking A2A (Account2Account) channel with integrations into key cloud accounting platforms.


The Partner Programme is free to join and includes benefits such as,

  • Discounts for you and your clients.
  • Unlimited customers, suppliers and invoices upload.
  • Send all the customers unpaid invoice reminders or payment links with a click of a button.
  • Transaction fee for receiving payments is a constant figure and under GBP 1.00 for any amount of the invoices.
  • Up to 5 staff member accounts for your company are FREE.
  • Factoring features are available for selected invoices or ALL Sales Ledger.(Coming Soon)


We understand that with payment technology moving at pace, it’s important for you to have the best available knowledge to be able to support your clients and team and we know that helping businesses pay and get paid “faster, secure and cheap way” is a popular goal for many.

If you want to find out more about Payeda Partner Programme or Payeda in general then you can book a demo and one of the team will make contact to discuss the details and sign you up.

If you have any questions or would like to set up a discussion or arrange a demo please click on 'Book a Demo' button below.

*Please note that we will be taking place at ExCel London Business Show on 16 & 17 November 2022.

Looking forward to seeing you.